Ocean Pointe



Haseko’s Ocean Pointe/Hoakalei creates an ocean-oriented community in Ewa Beach, Hawaii that matches Oahu’s island lifestyle. At full build-out, this master-planned community will cover over 1,100 acres and ¾-mile of coastline with approximately 4,800 single-family and multi-family residences.  Ocean Pointe will also feature parks, schools, a championship golf course, shopping areas, restaurants, and resort hotel. The project site is located near the end of Fort Weaver Road and neighbors Kapolei, one of the State’s fastest growing communities on Oahu.

Ocean Pointe/Hoakalei required the design of public and private roadways, as well as sewer, drainage, and water systems to support the residential development. The initial ground-breaking for Area 1 took place in 1997. Additional improvements for Ocean Pointe/Hoakalei included the design of the Kaloi Gulch Drainage Channel to divert off-site runoff, as well as an off-site sewer system.

Description of Work

Due to its considerable size, the Ocean Pointe/Hoakalei development was divided into four areas (I-IV), each further segmented into multiple phases. GHN’s project scope of work consisted of the following engineering services for the different areas and phases:

  • Drainage Master Plans
  • Drainage Water Quality Reports
  • NPDES General Permit Coverage (Notice of Intent to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Construction Activity)
  • Preliminary Subdivision Maps
  • Proposed Housing Development Application (PDH)
  • Construction Plans
  • Grading and Erosion Control Plans
  • Services During Bidding and Negotiation
  • Construction Observation
  • As-built Drawings

Project Owner

Haseko (Ewa) & Haseko Homes

Firm's REsponsibility

Planning, Design, NPDES Permitting, and Services During Bidding & Construction

Completion Date



Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii